Festive Christmas Home Decor

Brrrrrr. It’s chilly in Austin. And I kind of love it! It helps me get into the Christmas spirit. And I really miss Chicago this time of year so when it’s a bit chilly, I feel like I’m at home. Plus my new winter jacket arrived and I’m excited to wear it!

I’m hosting a little Holiday get together this weekend for some blogger babes and a few gals I’ve met through Junior League and I can’t wait! It will be the first time many of them see my place so I’m super pumped to have out all our Christmas decorations! I get so giddy when I pull these out of the closet every year. And my collection is always growing! From pillows, to ornaments, to festive nicknacks around the house, I’m always finding more things I love.

Today I’m giving you a little insight to our home and telling you five ways I love to deck the halls!

1.Candles! I have this thing for candles…  I can’t stop collecting them! My favorite fragrance for the season is Nest Birchwood Pine and my favorite decorative candle is Fir & Firwood from Anthropologie. Candles are such a simple way to make a home feel more festive! And their smell… c’mon. Isn’t scent one of the strongest memory triggers? My candles make me happy. Nest also has a Holiday one I have yet to try but I’m already positive it’s amazing. Every scent I have ever tried from them is delicious. And worth it.

2. Wreaths and Trees– Nothing says ‘Tis the Season like a wreath on the door and Christmas tree lights! We have a regular Christmas tree but also a miniature one for our bar cart. I love having some smaller ones around the house, especially for different rooms! Growing up, we often had a little tree in the front of our house that would be visible to neighbors! I loved it. You can get a smaller faux tree at a variety of places including Target, Pottery Barn, and Amazon. Or if you love the real deal, Christmas tree farms always have little ones too. As well as gorgeous wreaths!

3. Pillows & Throws– Oh do I love my Christmas pillows! I have a gorgeous Santa Sleigh Bell pillow and a beautiful Fa La La La La one that’s currently under $30 :) They are the perfect accents to my couch! Honestly, I just love all the options at Pottery Barn and am swooning over this North Pole pillow! Too cute!

4. Figurines– we have a few reindeer figurines on our sidebar that I adore. They are simple and you can actually get them at a really fair price at the Pottery Barn *outlet*. These figurines are metal and would match just about any other Christmas decor you have! I also love little Christmas trees made of various materials such as wax candles, wood, metal, etc. Target has some fun collections including this modern white set.

5. Presents and Ornaments– The easiest way to decorate for Christmas is with ornaments and presents! Sometimes I enjoy getting my shopping done just so I can wrap presents and have them under the tree. It’s such a nice touch and I love picking out wrapping paper. When it comes to ornaments, I have too many collections. I started picking them up as mementos of special trips and now I have a growing collection of Cowboy Boot ornaments. My favorite place to find new pieces is from Old World Christmas. Something about the sparkly glass just makes me happy.

What’s your favorite way to decorate?



SAOR Perfume– the perfect Holiday Gift!

Hi Friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend! It’s been raining today and all I want to do is crawl back into bed with my coffee and book. But there’s too much I need to do! It’s been a chaotic December so far with volunteering, work, blogging events, showers, shopping, and upcoming travel, but we sure have been enjoying this crazy Christmas season :) Tonight we are heading to 20’s-themed Bourbon Ball with friends! I can’t wait!

I just hopped back on the Pinterest bandwagon (it’s really fun, huh), so if you want to follow along, check out my page here :) I promise to pin more regularly!

Today I’ve got something special in store for you! (Or should I say, SAOR for you?!) Hehe. Have you ever tried a product you love so much that you feel you NEED to share it with everyone around you whether they inquire about it or not? Because you know you’re doing them a favor? ;) And they will LOVE it?! Well let me introduce to you SAOR: an alcohol-free, essential oil based perfume. It smells amazing and the scent lasts longer than any other fragrance I own. I love wearing perfume but get so frustrated when only an hour or two later, that scent has dwindled to the point where I can barely tell I’m still wearing it. Enter Saor, a perfume that will literally last you all day long. It comes in a cute etched 10ml bottle that fits right into your purse and is perfect for traveling. It also includes a beautiful bamboo box! People are going to ask you what you’re wearing…I promise you.

What I love about SAOR besides its essential oil based ingredients is that the scent is fresh and captivating and never overpowering… There are too many fragrances on the market that are practically toxic and often make you feel a bit nauseas if you accidentally put too much on. You’ll never have that experience with SAOR. It will become your go-to scent.

Below I’m sharing an interview with founder Patricia O’Reilly Talbot so you can get a little more understanding of the roots of SAOR and how it started :) ENJOY!


What inspired Saor? How did you come up with the scent? 

Can a free spirit be bottled?

Throughout my life’s journey of launching companies, traveling the globe, and raising four children, I could never find a perfume that defined me.

I found a scent that I loved and asked a perfumer if she could recreate the scent into perfume oil – free of alcohol and water. I wore my signature scent for 12 years. After being chased down in parking lots, grocery stores and hockey rinks by women (and men) wanting to know what fragrance I was wearing, I decided to bottle my scent and called it SAOR.

What is the meaning behind the word Saor?

 SAOR, “be free” in Gaelic, infuses fragrant bergamot, fresh white tea and airy musk creating a delicate, fresh, captivating scent: a fragrance created to liberate your mind, soul and spirit – allowing customers to simply SAOR. Why Gaelic? My Irish roots are the scent of who I am – the adventurer, the artist, the wanderer.

What makes Saor different than other perfumes?

Analogous to people: just as each one of us has our own “chemistry”, so does SAOR. But over and above the “chemistry” of SAOR, being free of alcohol and water allows our customers to SAOR all day. Alcohol causes the scent to evaporate quickly; the water dilutes the fragrance.

Where can I buy Saor?

Currently online, saorperfume.com, and in select boutiques. SAOR is scaling into retail and in 2017 SAOR will be available in major markets including NYC, Chicago, Austin, Scottsdale and LA. A retail locator icon is currently being added to SAOR’s website. Customers can type in their zip code and be directed to a SAOR retail partner. In Austin, SAOR is available at Luxe Apothetique and Things Celtic.

You have said you’ve been an entrepreneur for years– what other projects and businesses have you been involved with? 

I’ve spent my life creating what I can’t find. Sydney, Australia didn’t have a Christmas parade, so I produced their first Christmas parade in 1989. I then became involved in importing and exporting various goods to Australia and the USA – sourcing products that couldn’t be found on either continent.

While in Sydney, Australia:

Produced the first Christmas Parade for Sydney, Australia – “The Grace Bros Christmas Parade” (modeled after New York’s Macy’s Christmas Parade); Imported promotional products from USA for Coca-Cola South Pacific.

Back in USA:

Imported CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) from China; packaged and wholesaled in USA to electric companies and retailers; founded Ionit Technologies – a company specializing in video compression technology for security industry. “You have your eye-on-it with Ionit”;


Will you be releasing any other scents in the future?

Yes. Look for SAOR No.2 to be available in the fall 2017. I was lucky enough to build a scent in the perfume capital of the world, Grasse, France, this past summer. Grasse is nestled 20 minutes north of Nice. It’s history, culture, and fragrances – intoxicating.

What is your dream for this company?

As SAOR continues to resonate its “be free” scent across future perfume lines (as noted above), we are working with designers to create free-spirited products from candles to home furnishings.

I’m looking to make a lot of people happy: with scents and cents. Haha. Many talented women and men have helped me build a great brand foundation. I look forward to continuing to share SAOR’s success with all of them.

What are you excited about this holiday season?

As ’tis the season for giving, SAOR is committed to “giving back”. We aligned with a nonprofit partner this holiday season, Opportunity International. Opportunity International’s mission resonates with SAOR’s brand, our customers. Opportunity International is a global nonprofit that empowers entrepreneurs in developing countries with financial services and training; 95% of these loans go to women. When she can build her business, she not only lifts herself out of poverty, she also educates her children, creates jobs for her neighbors and transforms her community. And her work doesn’t stop there – what she does today will have an impact for generations to come.”www.opportunity.org

 Tell me about something that makes you really happy

 When I’m with all four of my children and they are all laughing at the same time.


SAOR retails at $65 and through December 31st, 10% of sales will go the above mentioned Opportunity International that empowers entrepreneurs in developing countries… And want a bonus? Use code ‘opportunity’ when checking out to receive $10 off your purchase. If you are afraid of buying a perfume without having smelled it first, try one of their samples


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Holiday Gift Guide for Her!


December at last… We can finally jam out to our favorite Christmas tunes and deck out our house with lights without anyone judging anymore… ‘Tis the Season! (I love saying that). Has anyone started their holiday shopping? I usually shop in November and throughout the year if I find something that’s perfect for a family member or friend, but there are always a few things to pick up in December. We do Secret Santa in our families, so we don’t find out who we have until Thanksgiving. Sometimes it can be tricky picking out the perfect gift. Today’s post is all about the perfect gift for ‘her’… whether it be your bestie; your wife; girlfriend; sister; friend… I’ve got some fun ideas for you! ;)

  1. Kate Spade Mug– this is the perfect gift for a Secret Santa for someone at work or someone you may not know as well. It’s cutesy and fits a warm cup of Joe while looking pretty and classy. Anyone could use a cute travel mug.
  2. Daniel Wellington Watch– the first gift I ever received from Eric was a watch and it is still my favorite piece of jewelry to this day! It carries so much meaning and also goes with so many outfits ;) A watch I have seen all over and love is Daniel Wellington… if you want to give someone a nice gift that she’ll love, try one of these.
  3. Cozy Slippers– Who doesn’t love a cute pair of slippers? This is an item on my wish list. I haven’t had a decent pair of slippers in years and I’m dying for a cute pair I love!
  4. Puffer Vest– A Little Puffer goes a long way… And this red one is so festive! I love puffer vests because they are a great transition between a coat and a thick sweater. They give warmth to your core and can be worn outdoors when you aren’t ready to pull out that heavier coat. I love the look of it with a long sleeve shirt.
  5. Kendra Scott Necklace– When in doubt, Kendra Scott to the rescue! My favorite piece of hers is the Rayne necklace that comes in so many beautiful stones and colors.
  6. Pom Pom Beanie– This is the cutest hat and under $20! Perfect for a Secret Santa Exchange or a little something extra for Christmas ;) It will be perfect all winter long!
  7. NARS lipgloss– If you’re a guy shopping for your gal, don’t ever gift her beauty products… that’s a dangerous territory unless she asks you specifically… just saying! I included this for anyone shopping for their sister, mom, friend- not significant other! Same goes for the mascara below ;) Anyway, I love a good lipgloss. I have them in just about every purse I own. They are such a simple way to make yourself look a little more put together!
  8. Baublebar Earrings– I just hopped on the Baublebar train and I’m not mad about it… I took advantage of some cyber Monday deals and got  some serious knockout earrings for the season! I can’t wait to show you! Go ahead and browse the site… they have such cute items to choose! And if the gal you’re gifting loves monograms, look no further. They have some great pieces for you!
  9. Bobbi Brown Mascara– this is the best mascara, ever. My mom and sister both wear it and when my current one runs out, I’m going to get more. If you’re using this list to gift yourself (go you), this is a little treat :)
  10. Plaid Scarf– Because nothing says ‘Tis the Seas like plaid. This is a cozy beautiful scarf that is perfect for the holidays.
  11. Cozy Mittens– these cute cable knit mittens come in three colors and are the cutest little accessory to your winter outfit! They’re only $10 too. WIN!
  12. Tory Burch Perfume– Eric gave me Tory Burch perfume for Christmas two years ago and it’s my favorite ever! It has such a great scent and the bottle is so pretty… not that a bottle really makes that much different, but I’m such a sucker  for marketing… Anyway, I’ve been using a new perfume lately and I’m doing a whole post on it next week, so get ready! :)
  13. Choker– Chokers are SO in right now and look great with a long sleeve v neck.  I love this wrap one and it makes the perfect gift for your ‘with-it’ friend :)

That’s it for me! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! XXo

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