Taylor Swift!

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for fall, the holidays, wearing dresses, singing in the car, and of course,  the one & only Taylor Swift. Last spring we found out that Taylor would be coming to Austin to perform at Formula 1 and that it would be her ONLY show in 2016. Several deep breaths and minor heart palpitations later, I was able to process this information and Eric came home announcing he bought tickets. Best day ever? Best husband for sure.

Now with the exception of one summer several years ago, I’m not really a concert goer. I love my music, don’t get me wrong. I can’t seem to drive anywhere or run without blasting a tune. I have my favorite artists, pandora stations for simple tasks like cleaning or relaxing, songs that give me all the feels when I am exercising, and tunes that are necessary for road trips or cooking. I am just not drawn to concerts. Crowds give me a lot of anxiety and I don’t like traffic which is practically unavoidable at big festivals. However, despite the crowd of 80,000 people expected to see T, I knew I HAD to be one of them.

Last minute my sisters were able to make the trip down to ATX to visit us and attend the show. I was so excited to have yet another quality weekend with them :) We did some of my favorite October festivities of prancing around a pumpkin patch and dressing up fall, and I was so happy to just sit, talk, and relax with them.

We left for the concert at 5:30 and enjoyed a short tailgate in the parking lot before heading to the show. There was no opener and Taylor started about 20 minutes after the stated start time. We were totally surprised! Wow, she’s onstage- RIGHTNOW. THERE SHE IS. She opened with New Romantics which immediately got the crowd rocking out.


I don’t know about you, but I know the words to 99% of Taylor Swift’s songs. I love everything from her country to her pop and all of her experiments in between. I also love her values, what she stands for, and how she is such a great role model for young girls.  Not only is she an extraordinary talent, but she’s also very real. And funny. This next video captures it well :)

I recorded only a few songs because I wanted to just rock out and enjoy the show but also because my phone ran out of room.  Truth. So when Shake It Off, Blank Space, and Wildest Dreams came on, I simply had to dance. Like a maniac… #sorrynotsorry ;) #swiftie

However, I did catch a good segment of Taylor singing Fifteen and I just love the lyrics and honesty of this song.

She closed down the night with Out of the Woods and literally knocked it out of the woods… I wouldn’t be surprised if she chose that song intentionally ;)  I feel so grateful to have been able to attend the concert and with such excellent tickets! Who knows if I’ll be able to do that again. Thank you Eric for coordinating the weekend and to my sisters for coming all the way to Austin to share the moment with us! :) It was everything.


What’s your favorite Taylor Swift song?

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Woodstock Vermont!

Woodstock, Vermont is the quintessential storybook New England fall town.  Strolling down the quaint village streets made me feel like I was on a movie set and reminded me a bit of Bedford from It’s A Wonderful Life.  You are immediately swept into the small town pride and seasonal allure. Fall leaves aren’t raked into bags to be taken away but are left untouched along the lawns of many properties. All the shops are local and maple syrup original. People who grow up in the area often never leave. You pick five random people to ask for a restaurant recommendation and they all give you the same place. It’s a small town indeed.

Eric and I picked Woodstock for our Anniversary destination with the goal of witnessing the heart of the seasonal change and we were not disappointed at all.

I’m one of those oddballs who gets tears in her eyes on a perfect fall day. I feel like I am witnessing magic. Our first stop on our trip was to Sugar Bush Farm where we took tons of pictures and sampled cheese and maple syrup. It was a great first place to visit: small, fast stop, and gorgeous. We stayed for only a half hour but walked out with a couple bottles of syrup and delicious bacon smoked cheese which tastes just as good as it sounds.

mms_2181mms_2211mms_2212 mms_2217

We weren’t due to our Airbnb until mid afternoon so after Sugar Bush, we visited Billings Farm and Museum. It’s located just a short drive from town and has picturesque views and lots of fun tours. If you travel with kids, there are hay rides and cows to see. They make applesauce and cider on property and showcase a variety of pumpkins. Billings is a historic dairy farm that showcases Vermont’s farming history. We loved strolling the farm and taking pictures and sampling the cider. Yum! It’s definitely a must-do in Woodstock if you like agriculture or history.
mms_2243mms_2287 mms_2270 mms_2288 mms_2289

After we checked into our fabulous Airbnb (highly recommend if you make the trip!), we rolled on over to the famous Woodstock Inn. We would have stayed there but the rooms were sold out! You guys… Eric and I went back to this Inn quite a few times over the weekend. It was incredible. Inside you’ll find a huge fireplace where people are lounging and reading or sipping a glass of wine. Then there’s a game room where couples and families are playing checkers or chess or just hanging out. They have a sleigh in the back corner as decor. And a gift shop and two fabulous restaurants. We ordered drinks and sat outside in the backyard on the Adirondack chairs and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors. It was one of my favorite moments of the trip.

Later that evening we returned to dine at one of their restaurants: The Red Rooster. Besides their delicious entrees, they have this amazing seasonal gnocchi that was the perfect little snack to tide us over before our meal. I can still taste it… so good! After dinner Eric and I sat by the fire and chatted about life. I can’t tell you how much I love the sound of a crackling fire or the warmth and happiness it gives me. The smell I also love. Someday, I hope to have a fireplace in my home.

mms_2323 mms_2330 mms_2340

One of our favorite parts of the weekend was just walking around town and taking pictures. The homes and foliage were too gorgeous not to capture! I kept picking up leaves and throwing them in the air. I had to. Autumn Girl Heaven.

mms_2343mms_2347 mms_2359

Eric and I stumbled into Caufield Art Gallery and were totally surprised to immediately meet the artist Robert O. Caufield! Robert was abandoned as a child and adopted by his paternal grandparents who gave him paint and helped him develop his passion for art. We couldn’t afford any of his gorgeous paintings but I bought his book of art and had him sign it for us ;) We took a picture out front with him as well! So fun!

mms_2371mms_2363 mms_2378 mms_2380 mms_2391 mms_2411

On our second day we decided to drive 30 minutes to Killington and take the gondola up the mountain. What we didn’t realize is that once we got to the top, we wouldn’t be able to see down! A little bit of cloud cover blocked our view. But we enjoyed the most gorgeous drive over there and stumbled upon Long Trail Brewing Company on the way home, so it was all worth it :)



^^ Oops! No view of the fall foliage from up here…^^

mms_2447 mms_2495 mms_2515 mms_2542 mms_2543

There is a really neat handmade glassware company called Simon Pearce that everyone told us we had to see. We made a reservation at their restaurant because of their great reviews and walked around the store beforehand to check out their glass! We even made our way to the basement to watch them blow the glass. It’s really quite cool to see.

Eric and I made the mistake of ordering way too much food at dinner that by the time our entrees arrived, we could barely stomach it. But everything was spectacular. Simon Pearce even has its own Pinot Noir and we loved it. We ordered cheddar soup as an app (holy taste bud delight) and of course a pumpkin gnocchi. We both chose the horseradish crusted cod for dinner and boy do I wish I could have eaten more of it. Everything was totally worth the hype. Make your reservation in advance! This place fills up.

Simon’s son Andrew Pearce has his own wooden bowl company so we also visited his store over the weekend. What a talented family! I wish they weren’t so expensive because I would love to purchase a set for ourselves! Maybe someday we will :) His bowls are all handmade and beautiful!

Our last stop on our trip was to Hanover, New Hampshire where we stopped by Dartmouth and visited my cousin Colin. He gave us a mini tour of where Dr. Suess wrote his books and where he does some of his fraternity traditions. It was great to see him in his element and get a taste of a University where so much of my family are alumni!

I am so grateful for this beautiful adventure and I’m so happy to have experienced a real fall this year :)

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Denim Vest

austinblogger-theautumngirl-79 austinblogger-theautumngirl-83 austinblogger-theautumngirl-85 austinblogger-theautumngirl-87 austinblogger-theautumngirl-88

austinblogger-theautumngirl-94 austinblogger-theautumngirl-92austinblogger-theautumngirl-89

Photography by Kelsey Butler Photography


Denim Vest (sold out) Similar HERE, HERE, & HERE // Floral Top // Distressed Black Jeans // Lace Up Heels // (My purse is from Italy) Similar Here

 Good Morning Friends! I hope you are having a lovely week! I’m behind on blogging but I have had a lot of fun stuff going on lately! I can’t wait to share our trip to Vermont with you! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post ;)

Today I am sharing one of my favorite outfits this season: denim style. When you live in a warm climate like I do, it can be hard to fit into the season and wear the right colors. I love how denim is a piece that works well in every season. Though you are more likely to see denim vests with spring, they are a hot item in summer as well, and can be worn with floral prints and dark jeans to go right into fall. I was super sad when I came home with this gorgeous vest to find out I snagged one of the last ones and it is no longer in stock. I try my best to post items that are still available but honestly, it can be so hard to do. Because we are heading into cooler months, there really aren’t too many denim vests available anymore. But Madewell has this super cute one now on sale :) And they also have this long jean jacket which I looooove.

What is in stock and ON SALE are my super comfy Leigh ripped jeans from Topshop and my floral shirt that has a fun necktie that I did not tie up in this photoshoot. The jeans are now $40 (I paid $70 so enjoy!). They are a bit snug so order a size up. I love the material and the simple rip at the knees. They go well with all my plaid tops and fall sweaters. My floral top is super fun too and is only $23! I am wearing a size xs for referance (when I’m normally a small).

And I’ve saved the best for last on this one: my Sam Edelman lace up heels! I wanted them so badly last winter and by the time I had saved for them, they were totally out of stock, so I got the flat sandals instead (which I also love). These shoes are so pretty! They have a super high heel too, so keep that in mind. They are perfect for spring, summer, fall and for pairing with skinny jeans or dresses. They come in 5 color options (did you see the olive or burgundy?!) So have fun.  I love them so much. You’ll see a lot of them in upcoming shoots.

Tonight I’m going to a Happy Hour with some blogger babes and then my sisters arrive tomorrow night for the Taylor Swift concert this weekend! I can’t wait!

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